A new wing for King George Hospital

A new wing for King George Hospital

3 September 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by andy walker

We the undersigned note the following:

1 – That BHRUT, the Trust responsible for managing Queens and King George Hospitals, started their review of their Clinical Services Strategy in July 2017 with a document dated “Revised Clinical Strategy for King George Hospital” produced by management consultants PWC available at the East London Health & Care Partnership website HERE. The report gives an estimate of £125M to upgrade King George & Queens Hospitals to provide more beds to cope with with growing East London population.

2 – That Redbridge Council produced a cross party report in the future of King George dated February 2018 available at the council website HERE. It found at page 66 that 160 beds had been closed which had damaged A&E performance at King George and Queens Hospitals. Page 24 of the report found a decline in admissions at King George from 1,500 a month in 2015 to 1,300 a month by 2018

3 – NHS website statistics for July 2019 HERE show BHRUT with type 1 A&E performance as being amongst the worst in England. There is strong evidence that long waits at A&E departments are linked to worse patient outcomes, including higher death rates rates. Page 35 the Redbridge Council report of February 2018 HERE references supporting research papers about long A&E waits and worse care.

4 – That in August 2019 BHRUT provided an update about their Clinical Services Strategy review at their website HERE which included the statement below:

“There will be some options which are not up for consideration, for example we will keep a Type 1 Emergency Department at both our hospitals.”

5 - Notes that at 3rd September 2019 the Redbridge Council website outlines a proposal for a housing estate to surround King George Hospital, including building on the staff car park per the extract provided.

And calls upon BHRUT to:

a) Include the option of a new wing for emergency admission beds at King George Hospital as one of the options they will consider in their clinical strategy review.

b) Formally minute this petition at their Annual Board meeting of Wednesday, 25th September 2019 commencing at 3:20pm at King George Hospital along with an assurance that this petition will be responded to in due course.

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Signatures: 35Next Goal: 50
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