Bharti land Ltd Razed thousands of trees, destroying more than 52 acres of Aravali forest.

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Dear Friends,

In a country who is making conscious effort to protect and conserve cow. To a contrary Bharti land ltd is axing down Aravali forest spread over 52 acres to create a concrete jungle. Making hundreds of birds and animals homeless.13 JCB's are working day and night as  to clear the jungle asap.

Stake holders and concern Authorities have been approached in past(FIR was done 2 years back too) and even now. There complete ignorance and overlooking supreme court orders for case # 4677/1985 dated 13 Feb,2009.

Our pleads are falling on deaf ear. We need to rise for the cause.  We need to act before we lose all. Rise for yourself and your future generations.

Lets unite and showcase the Power of Common Man!!

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