Justice for Hathras Rape Victim in 2020

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Rape has been an issue in India for far too long now. Women and girls are constantly afraid of leaving their homes - the women of India should not have to go through this anymore. With an average of 87 reported rape cases per day, the system is broken, and the only way to fix it is to ensure accountability. 

Rape must no longer be an issue that is politicised by a government that promised safer and better times for women. The time for justice is now - the women of India will no longer sit idle waiting for the government to take the actions promised to us while we compromise on our safety, our happiness and our lives. 

The perpetrators of this brutal crime against the girl from Hathras must be held accountable, the UP police trying to cover up must be held accountable, and the government must be held accountable for this Justice. If the government wishes to allow it, the process of serving justice to the girl can be expedited. Justice at the earliest for Manisha will not only be justice for her and her family, but also for women and young girls all over India. Let rapists know that they will be punished for their actions. The people of India demand that women no longer be objectified and put on the backburner when it comes to receiving justice. 

Over the years we have seen the system, the government and the judiciary being broken. But this issue is beyond politics. The time for slogans is over, the time for action has come, let this current administration put its money where its mouth is. Let the government use its power in the right place. We want to see justice given not only to the victim's family, but to women all over India.