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Support Our Schools, Our Community, Our Children, Our Future

Our schools need our community like never before. In light of the drastic $3.5 million budget cut imposed on us by Sacramento, our City of Beverly Hills has the unique opportunity to come to the aid of our schools and our school family. We are fortunate to have a City surplus of $10.2 million. Our schools have enjoyed a special partnership with our City thru the Joint Powers Agreement (JPA). The JPA has proven to be a win/win for both the Community and our Schools. The City Council can make no better investment than in appropriating $4 million of our City’s surplus to invest in our children- the future of our City.

An investment of this magnitude from our City must also serve to stimulate a culture of philanthropy for private financing of public education.  Our School district and its fundraising partners can and should leverage these funds to inspire increased giving from the private sector over a specified period of time so that we may be better prepared in the future as the State continues to decrease funding public education.  

Be the voice of the children of this community.

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