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Call for the resignations of Mr. Cal Morgan and Mr. David Williams.

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As a past supporter of the MHS and an animal advocate, it came to my attention that the MHS has an alarming and disturbing rate of euthanasia.

It is my plea that MHS adheres to its mission and stop the needless killing of 66 dogs and cats in your shelters EVERY SINGLE DAY. In 2011, the Michigan Humane Society’s own report to the Michigan Department of Agriculture reveals that the shelter killed 17,265 animals that year / (52 weeks a year * 5 days a week = 260 days) = 66 animals killed per day / 7 hours per day = 9.5 animals killed per hour). Call for the resignations of the two men who are responsible for this: Mr. Cal Morgan, Executive Director, and Mr. David Williams, COO. Animals in their care are being killed at a rate that is among the worst in the nation.

In 2011, MHS saved only 29% of the animals taken into its shelters showing no improvement for over 8 years. For every ten dogs and cats that are brought into the front door of MHS, seven go out the door in body bags. In comparison, other large, open admissions, urban animal shelters have the following save rates: Austin (90%), Reno (91%), Denver (76%), and New York (73%). Right here in Michigan, the Humane Society of Huron Valley saved 81.5% of their animals in 2011. According to the Michigan Pet Fund Alliance’s Shelter Report on save rates (taken from 2010 statistics that shelters reported to the Michigan Department of Agriculture), the Michigan Humane Society ranked 136th out of 161 Michigan shelters. Because of MHS’s poor performance and practices, four members resigned from the MHS Board of Directors in June of 2011. Tragically, the same management team still sits today—and is the top paid animal sheltering team in Michigan. According to Charity Navigator’s 990 Report, Mr. Cal Morgan made $184,936 in 2010 and Mr. David Williams made $144,504 while their organization continues to kill seven out ten animals that enter the shelter.

As the largest animal welfare organization in the state, the Michigan Humane Society must do better. Your donors deserve a better animal welfare organization for our charitable contributions! To improve the organization, Mr. Cal Morgan, Executive Director, and Mr. David Williams, COO, must be removed and replaced with a leadership team that will save more animals. The Michigan Pet Fund Alliance stands ready to help the organization improve its save rates by moving to a No-Kill model. It is time for the Michigan Humane Society to become the organization its donors and the community deserve. Acknowledge your past poor performance by demanding Mr. Morgan’s and Mr. Williams’ resignations and embrace your future as a leader in the animal sheltering community. Thank you.


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