Petitioning Betty Crocker Consumer Services,

Betty Crocker: Please bring back Rainbow Chip Frosting

I realize this product isn't life-saving or important on any level other than to simply bring extra joy to special occasions.  For me personally, Rainbow Chip Frosting, combined with Rainbow Chip Cake (of course!), was my first boxed cake and pre-made frosting experience.  I had to beg my Mom to make it because she was accustomed to making everything from scratch, which, don't get me wrong, is wonderful. 

However, I don't understand why this product has to go.  There is, in my opinion, an inferior product line called Funfetti by Pillsbury.  I believe some people would think of this as the obvious substitution.  But what they'll realize, and fans of the Rainbow Chip line by Betty Crocker already know, is there is no substitution.  No way, no how!

So please, if this has any meaning to you, support my petition!

Letter to
Betty Crocker Consumer Services,
Please bring back Rainbow Chip Frosting! An alleged new product offering consisting of 'sprinkles' is not the same and anyone familiar with the original Rainbow Chip Frosting can attest to this. Furthermore, Pillsbury already has an established 'funfetti' line so why doesn't Betty Crocker want to differentiate their product by retaining a frosting [Rainbow Chip] that so many people have come to know and love.