Petition to Get Betty Crocker to Bring Back Sodalicious Because... They are SO DELICIOUS

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Our Dearest Betty,

You’re the bestest Betty since Apple Betties, Betty. But with the Dunkaroos News that Dunkaroos are retuning, we are writing to ask a humble request:

Please, for the LOVE OF GOD, Bring back SODALICIOUS!!!!!! Sodalicious are… SO delicious.

Like frosted tips, mom jeans, and baby boomers calling flip flops “thongs”, there are some things that should NEVER make a comeback, but Sodalicious is the Wayne Gretzky of snacks… It’s THE GREAT ONE!

The day Sodalicious left, a piece of our societal soul left too. With Sodalicious gone how do I feel the empty void in my life NOW?! With outdoor activity, companionship and love?! BLASPHEMY, I SAY!

Please, Ms. Betty, look deep in your heart.. and bring back Sodalicious. With the current news cycle, we need this.


Lauren Hunter
Citizens for a Sodalicious Socitey