Better protection for outdoor dogs is needed in Vermilion County Illinois

Better protection for outdoor dogs is needed in Vermilion County Illinois

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Started by Angel Frazier


Update...noon 01.07.2021

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Six years ago Illinois updated the law to include extreme temperatures as neglect. Yet 6 years later we are still waiting for a set temperature that Animal Control Officers can better enforce in our county. We have to make 2022 better for the animals in our community.

I do not agree in forcing guardian or working breeds for arctic temps inside. That is not what this is about. If a dog has a safe set up with heat or insulation and the ability to escape elements that should be acceptable. This would mean an Officer would have discretion due to breed, coat lenth and age.

We are not saying ban dogs outside. That is just crazy.

But we need to do something to better protect these short hair, small breeds, old dogs and more. This is to protect these domesticated dogs that are not able to handle living in extreme temperatures.

We are asking the county board for two things to improve the quality of  life for animals in Vermilion County.

1.  Define harmful high / low temperatures levels for outside dogs.

A minimum temperature needs to be set that an Animal Control Officer or other Law Enforcement Officers can enforce when temperatures drop to dangerous lows.

When the outside temperature drops to that level an Animal Control Officer or Law Enforcement Officer needs the ability to force an owner to take the dog inside until temperatures improve. If the owner refuses or is unavailable the Officers need the ability to seize immediately.

*Inside can be a house, garage or heated structure.

During the summer months a maximum temperature needs set to prevent heat exhaustion, heat stroke or death.

Way too many have died in our county due to the elements throughout the years and it needs to stop.

Dogs confined to areas or tethered have no way to escape the elements on their own. They suffer pain and death as they freeze with no where to seek warmth.

2. Define adequate outdoor shelter.

At this time adequate shelter is three sides and a roof... No floor...No straw. That is not acceptable and not humane treatment of animals.

But Animal Control cannot write citations for violations that do not exist.

Adequate shelter needs updated to a structure with four sides, a roof and a floor. Straw or Heat should be provided during cold weather.

Adequate shelter should not include pet taxis, wire crates, open porches, lean to structures, tarps, etc...

Leaving dogs in these conditions is unacceptable and inhumane.

The only way to address it is for Vermilion County to enter these regulations so the Animal Control Officers can enforce it.

The residents of Vermilion County want better for our animals.

Please sign and share.


We encourage everyone to attend county board meetings.






1,377 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!