Better living conditions for the INDIAN ARMY

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We live in INDIA safely only because we have such an audacious army. Despite not being provided proper living conditions, they are ready to serve our country day and night, leaving their families and all the fun behind. What do we offer them? "Hates when lost in a war?" OR "Appreciation for protecting us?" We already don't have confidence in the army for the INDIA-CHINA WAR. It is a well organised  a army but lacks public support. Army is like a mother, works selflessly 365 days * 24 hours, but asks nothing in return! #respect  Let's work towards praising the army for doing everything for the citizens of the country and providing them better living conditions (Siachen), proper healthy food as well as communication facilities. Respecting their families is a must. A minimal pay and minute honour is not something one will expect from life when he is ready to give his blood to the motherland. Remember - Our FLAG does not fly because the wind moves it, it flies with the last breath of every soldier who died protecting it.  Let's sign this petition and protect the ARMY and the country. JAI JAWAN! JAI HIND!