Better Leadership for the Franklin County Dog Shelter

Better Leadership for the Franklin County Dog Shelter

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Stacey Brown started this petition to Commissioners of Franklin County. Columbus Ohio

We are asking for the Immediate Termination of Kaye Persinger, Director of the Franklin County Dog Shelter in Columbus, Ohio. 

She has cut out rescues and all help from the community. She has had dogs killed for trainable and treatable conditions. She has had dogs killed before the mandatory 3 day stray hold.
She has adopted out Microchipped dogs to other people and never contacted owners.  
She fired an amazing, over qualified Foster coordinator. This was due to her not being a “team player” She was the best thing that happened to FCDS in a long time. She had over 60 dogs in the proper Foster homes in under 90 days. She felt like the rescue community does, and that’s the dogs are worth fighting for. 

Kaye has spent a lot of the budget on building “makeovers” and offices.  Not on the dogs and the enrichments and training they need. 
The dogs need to get out of their kennels multiple times a day. They need enrichment so they don’t start going stir crazy and decline. 
Kaye eliminated the non profit, friends of the shelter store, inside the shelter. That store raised $ for the dogs with medical needs in the shelter. 

Having 2 Assistant directors is a waste of tax payers money. There should only be one Assistant Director, and the salary of the 3rd Assistant Director, could go towards a certified, qualified behavioral trainer. Something that is desperately needed at FCDS. 

We are also asking for the replacement of the Medical staff at the Franklin County Dog Shelter. 

The dogs of Franklin County deserve a qualified, comfortable and compassionate Veterinarian and Medical staff. There is a pattern in all of the rescue dogs records of vet staff not being able to handle or are fearful of the dogs. 
Not being able to medicate dogs.. orally, ears, eyes, etc… They need to use a muzzle for fearful dogs. This will allow these dogs to be examined safely for everyone. 
A good veterinarian and staff is instrumental to a county dog shelter. They need to be experienced and compassionate. 

Franklin county dog shelter needs a complete overhaul. The public is tired of their tax dollars going towards a shelter that has killed over 600 dogs just this year.  

FCDS needs a certified behavioral trainer that can work with the dogs that are showing fearful or reactive behavior.
To give these dogs a chance to be taught and how to manage their behaviors.
All of the rescue dogs should be able to be fostered through the Shelter, where they can continue their training if needed. 

Rescues are overwhelmed and are ran solely on donations. They can’t keep picking up the slack of FCDS dogs, due to the shelter not having the qualified veterinarians and training staff. 
Franklin county dog shelter has a 6.2 million dollar annual budget. There should be room in the budget to hire these experienced, certified people. 

Management needs to work with rescues and except help from different resources. 

Franklin county dog shelter needs a community relations manager,  that will communicate properly with the community. Respect the public and rescue community and be transparent and be able to handle criticism with maturity and professionalism. 

These poor dogs at FCDS need Marketing and Exposure!!!! This is so huge to finding the dogs the proper forever homes. 

FCDS Needs to do Thorough vet, reference and landlord checks,  for any adopted or fostered dog. 
This should only take 24-48hrs. Once they are complete, then the potential adopters/fosters can pick up the dog. 
This is to ensure the dogs are going to the a safe and the proper environment. 
So many times FCDS dogs are found running lose, given away for free on Craigslist, marketplace, etc… These important checks can help prevent these dogs being failed and put into harms way. 

Rescues should NOT have to pay a pull fee. They are taking on FCDS medical and behavioral dogs off their hands and covering the cost themselves. 

Eliminate the New Hope Rescue Policy and go back to old rescue contract.

FCDS went from 143 rescues to 40 and it’s taken months to just get that many.

Most reputable rescues won’t sign it. They can pull from other shelters without all the hassle and drama from FCDS.
Some of the Great rescues that have signed, have done so because the dogs will die if they don’t. It is a gag order and they are forced to comply.

Eliminate the volunteer rescue dog contract that restricts the volunteers from commenting about the rescue dogs on their own social media pages.

The shelter needs to be completely transparent about a dogs personality and behavior. The good and the bad. NOT just negative comments. 

FCDS needs Employees and Animal Control officers/warden that understand to take environment into account when a dog is reacting out fear. NOT just deem them dangerous and Euthanize them.  

The people working at the shelter especially the ones interacting with the public(front desk, online, phones, meet and greets etc..) need to be kind and courteous to people. They need to remember they work for the county and to be respectful and helpful. We have heard so many times that they are not kind or courteous. 

FCDS needs Employees that are there for the right reasons, to help the dogs in their facility and work closely with rescues and the community to do what’s Best for the dogs of Franklin County. 

We, the rescue community and public know that none of these positive changes will happen until the current leadership/management is removed from their positions. 

These changes are desperately needed for the dogs at Franklin County Dog Shelter, Columbus, Ohio. 
There are qualified, experienced people willing to step up and help.

Lets make the Franklin County Dog Shelter the State of the Art NO Kill shelter that it can be. 

Instead of Following”Better” Practices,(that aren’t in the best interest and welfare of the animal), Set an example to other shelters and use “THE BEST” practices! The practices that are used in the best interest of the dogs. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!