In Support of a Texas Senatorial Debate on Campus

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Neal Dikeman, the Libertarian Party of Texas Nominee for U.S. Senate, recently reached out to the Editorial Board at The Texas Orator asking for support and action to encourage the hosting of a public debate between Congressman O'Rourke and Mr. Dikeman. After reviewing the letter that Mr. Dikeman wrote to Congressman O'Rourke, we at the Orator have found that the proposed debate would encourage the free exchange of ideas and further the core goal of the University of Texas to transform lives for the benefit of society by creating a more informed citizenry. As students prepare to make their decisions at the ballot box this November, it is critically important that they be presented with the wide diversity of opinions that this debate would offer. Pursuant to this, we are asking for your support on this petition to encourage Congressman O'Rourke to accept Mr. Dikeman's proposition for a debate on the University of Texas Campus.

Find Mr. Dikeman's letter to Congressman O'Rourke here:

(This statement is not an endorsement by the Texas Orator Editorial Board of any candidate for the U.S. Senate).  

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