Defend the Bethlehem Police Department

Defend the Bethlehem Police Department

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Why this petition matters

We are calling on all citizens to preserve, protect and defend the City of Bethlehem’s Police Department from recent attacks by radical political activists who intend to defund, dismantle and completely abolish our police.

Right now, the activists’ agenda is ringing in our City Council’s ears. It’s the only voice they hear and many council members are actively agreeing to implement their radical agenda.  It is vitally important for law-abiding citizens to send a strong message that we support fair and honest policing and we expect our City Council members to support our police as they preserve our quality of life in Bethlehem.

If we continue to remain silent, our hometown is in danger of experiencing the same skyrocketing chaos, violence and lawlessness already plaguing Philadelphia, New York City, Seattle, Minneapolis, and Portland.   Our families’ safety and the very social fabric of our community is now at stake.

Several cities have already experimented with defunding, dismantling or restraining their police departments to such a degree that the results have been mayhem and death.  Law-abiding citizens who only wish to live their lives in peace in these communities have had to tolerate and live with this terror for days on end - one city for 60 straight days and nights and counting.

Criminals can sense when the police are restrained from their ability to protect us, and the result has been an exponential increase in violent crime, especially in gun violence.  New York City is a perfect, recent example.  We cannot allow that reality in our hometown of Bethlehem, PA.   

It is urgent that you add your name to this petition today.  Please show your support and sign this petition so that Bethlehem City Council and the Mayor hear you!  Let them know we have no intention of accepting a community without the brave men and women of our police department.  Let the administration know you expect them to support our police with proper funding for the best de-escalation and sensitivity training as well as improved mental health support for police officers. We need to strengthen their skills, not weaken their resources. Please Sign Today!!!

7,405 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!