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Announce Fallout 4

I believe it's about time Bethesda gives us some hints on Fallout 4. After the Survivor hoax and the "leaked" Fallout 4 script on Kotaku, we need to know if Fallout 4 is being made and whether it will be set in Boston or not.

We do not ask for much; just throw us a bone, tell us you are working on it. If you're thinking the same way that I do, please SIGN this petition. You can make a difference! It's up to you if we wait another five years to get some news OR we get Bethesda's attention on this subject now. You can raise awareness by sharing this with your Facebook friends, by posting it on your wall, anywhere you can think of really. The more we are, the more attention we will draw. 


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PR Dept Bethesda Softworks, LLC
Please announce Fallout 4