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Bethesda: Make Fallout 4 an RPG. Less "radiant", more original.

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Prior to Fallout 4, Bethesda's open world games have been a resounding success despite bugs and glitches. A lot of what has made open world games like Fallout and Elder Scrolls such a success is the enjoyable RPG adventures and stories. Reading stories through terminals and letters is okay but, for many of us, most of the addictive fun was in our involvement in the lives of NPCs, how we impacted their stories and by extension- the world around us. And no, I'm not talking about settlement building.

Fallout 4 is a mockery of the format because of the laziness of padding the game out with "radiant" quests and settlement managing, without bothering to write much actual content for either the game or the settlements. It is unoriginal, boring and is not an acceptable substitute for unique quests. This petition calls for:

Not just 90% of buildings filled with enemies in the middle of a war zone.
Goodneighbor and Diamond City have far too few quests for a Bethesda game town, the Valentine Investigation and the Silver Shroud quest lines were ridiculously short.
Then there's Automatron: a 5 quest glorified building DLC. There should be a much longer questline with proper side quests.
Nuka World was also an offender. We thought you'd learned your lesson when you released Far Harbor, but Nuka World gave us very little to do as a good guy... and as a bad guy it was just more "radiant" quests in the form of ruining the settlements that most people spent so long setting up.
Aside from the main and faction quest lines, there's next to nothing to do. Nothing that isn't settlements and repetitive "radiant" quests.

Fallout 4 is at least 100 quests short of a proper RPG.

2- RADIANT QUESTS are not RPG-centric and should be made truly optional (especially in the case of The Minutemen) and marked as radiant so those of us who hate them can avoid them. Some people like radiant quests, so it would be inappropriate to ask for their complete removal, but

***we should have a whole game's worth of content without ever having to do a single "radiant" quest.***

"Radiant" quests are a completionist's nightmare. Especially as Preston The Meme Garvey constantly thanks you for turning in a "radiant" quest by giving you 2 more. We shouldn't need "radiant" quests to advance our skills, we should be able to reach a high level on non-radiant quests alone. Radiant quests should be accessed through some guy who always has jobs who can easily be ignored. And no more whiny settlers. Radiant quests are NOT an innovation- they're a way to save writing costs. To be fair, it would not be too much to ask for a "radiant quests setting" in options: from "on" to "infrequent" to "non repeating" to "hell no".
We also want a lot more RP in our G. Different options for conversations and ways to complete objectives based on a player's skills.

To become more like towns with plenty of unique quests and stories.
You've got like what? THIRTY settlements to build up? We wanted a post apocalyptic RPG, NOT Post-Apocalyptic Sims/Minecraft.
Each settlement should have a number of location specific, unique NPC characters that turn up, ask for specific things to be built like shops, separate family homes, workshops, etc. Have them provide unique quests and stories.
Each settlement should have its own quest line and side quests. Just adding a few interesting unique quests to each settlement would make up for the lack of quests mentioned earlier.
This way a settlement becomes more than just a place to build. And in each player-buildable settlement, you should be able to instruct the first NPC that shows up to manage its development. Upon instructing him or her to build it, s/he would ask for the basics (bed, food etc) and a day to come up with some plans. The player provides these items, sleeps 24hrs then looks at plans and picks one. The player is then locked out of build mode until completion, depending on how many settlers turn up it completes at a certain rate in stages. Progress can be paused through lack of materials and a settler can come find the player if that happens. The player would be warned by the NPC if there are insufficient materials and how many days til s/he is likely to run out of this or that. Upon completion the player is then allowed back into build mode and can edit as s/he sees fit. There can also maybe be a celebration by settlers when the settlement is finished. We don't ALL want to build THAT MANY settlements.
And is it too much to ask for settlers to run shops without being asked? Also, all settlement revenue should be brought to you by Preston Garvey instead of having to screw around going from settlement to settlement to collect it. You could at least make the guy useful. Generals don't do grunt work.
There should also be visitors to the settlements. Locals coming to buy and sell just so the settlement feels more like a living, breathing community. There could be bandits that show up at the outskirts asking for a chance to give up their brutal lives and be part of something. There should be the ability to build a hotel. Just a building with a hotel desk at the bottom to designate the whole building a hotel. This unlocks a hotel bar and only non-settlers sleep in hotel beds. 
Better AI and for the settlers to use the whole floor of the bar area would be nice too. Ooh, and AN ARMORY where you can place weapons on weapon racks and armour on armour mannequins. The NPC's set to guarding could then equip themselves. They should also get to work in shifts and get rack time for immersion purposes.

4- FACTIONS need proper, unique, scripted side content and the Minutemen need a whole questline, one that spans the Commonwealth/settlements.
Here are some ideas for a Minuteman overhaul:
*Quests to find and recruit/rescue former Minutemen.
*Quests to capture lost assets.
*An actual storyline involving a serious threat to the settlements and the Minutemen.
*More minutemen patrols randomly on the road.

5- IMPROVED ENDINGS would be nice. Video cut-scenes even. New Vegas only did slides but they did it so much better.

6- REMOVAL OF ACHIEVEMENT BLOCKING ON MODDED GAMES. Many of us have cosmetic mods and slight improvements like better notifications of settlements being attacked.

7- And most importantly: NEVER RELEASE ANOTHER GAME WITH SUCH A HEAVY CONTENT OF "RADIANT" QUESTS EVER AGAIN. Please Bethesda, don't ruin any more games like you did with Fallout 4.

If you won't make Fallout 4 a proper RPG for free as we have asked, at least make a DLC that does the above. You could call it "Commonwealth".

Bethesda, we want a proper RPG.

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