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Mod Replacement Features On Fallout For PS4

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Petition created by Ben Williams (Hey Im Starlord) from YouTube whom is passionate about this game, not only as a content creator but as a longtime gamer of Bethesda games.


Fallout 4 is a great game and the current problems and latency surrounding modifications being implemented onto the Playstation system is having a negative effect on most people. Not only are people selling their copies of the game but they're also cancelling preorders of the upcoming Elder Scrolls remake: Skyrim Remastered. Silly in some ways, but yes it's happening.

Thousands of people have waited months for mods to release on their Playstation console and judging by the latest information in the official tweet, It doesn't look like they're going to be polished anytime soon. Now I realise there is two sides to every story, I'm not blaming Playstation or Bethesda, BUT what I am saying, is that Bethesda now have a temporary solution to this problem... in fact, it's pretty simple from what I can gather.


Bethesda are always patching up their games pretty well, heck half of the decent glitches such as the "Dogmeat Duplication" was patched several times and that was pretty impressive of them to do in such a short time span.

My shower thought today was simple:

Why don't Bethesda create a Playstation 4 ONLY patch that implements a standalone room at the start of Sanctuary (sort of like a mod room). In which this room can be accessed by anyone in the game if they wish. It would include storage containers stocked with items such as building materials, weapons and more! These items would all have an infinite respawn rate every 24 in-game hours, so that the resources never expire. Its that simple. This may not be the solution everyone is looking for, but it's a damn good start!


This is as simple as creating a new Cell into the game, I know Bethesda can do this and from what I know, it can easily be implemented. This implementation would take me around 20 minutes tops, if I was creating it in the Creation Kit; I'm sure an experienced game designer can implement this in less.


  • Staffing - I understand Bethesda's staff have a lot going on right now but this little in-game change will take 1 of their 100-400 staff members to implement. 
  • Pending Status - As it will be an update, It will have to be submitted to Playstation and be pending for a week or more. It won't happen in a day people.
  • Playstation Trophies - I understand this will allow users to easily grab some trophies without the struggle. I say, so what? It's a digital trophy...
  • Immersive Players - This game can get very immersive and I know a lot of people value that. There are always going to be exceptions or mistakes when breaking the immersiveness (similar to the ghoul in the fridge quest). Let this be an exception.


Although I am new to the Playstation system, I know how these players feel; to be limited on their console to an ever expanding game. This could be the start of giving people back that hope, that hope that mods WILL arrive. I hope if anyone from Bethesda has read this they will highly consider this as a temp solution and if so, you are awesome and we will know you have done it for the community. I know one or two employees watch my stuff and there should be no reason why this wouldn't get around the offices at the studio.

People see YouTubers as the "higher voice of the community". Today I am using my voice to support all my fellow gamers and to tell Bethesda that they should implement this... why you ask?

and to that question I reply "It just works."

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