Make Fallout 76 Cross-Play

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I want to make sure that Fallout 76 is cross play, meaning we can play with our friends, no matter what console they are on. I have always wanted the Fallout series to be multiplayer, and now with the impending release of fallout 76, I believe it is time that the game giants of SONY and Microsoft see sense, and allow us the freedom to play together.

Fallout 76 is set to be a phenomenal experience, combining the story, world and gadgets of the fallout universe with the gameplay styles and mechanics of titles such as ARK: Survival Evolved and Rust. I believe that Fallout 76 could be the best multiplayer survival game ever made.

If it is cross play, it would bring together the entire player base to enjoy the experience the game together. friends would no longer be separated by the barrier of console "incompatibility". We now know thanks to Epic Games that cross platform play is possible thanks to the supposed "glitch" in Fortnite that for a short time allowed everyone to play together. We now know that it is simply a lack of action and care for consumer demand that we are still held back by such as simple issue to fix.

By signing this petition, we can send a message to Sony, Bethesda and Microsoft and show them that this is something we really want. That this is something that will benefit all, rather than create a further divide between the likes of PlayStation, Xbox and Computers.