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First of all, I (as I'm sure many others also do) would love to see Fallout come to a Nintendo platform, the Wii U. Secondly, I believe that the implementation of the GamePad in this franchise, be it in a port of a previous title from the series or in the next installment (preferrably the latter), could be amazing. Just imagine playing Fallout without having to halt gameplay and bring up the Pip-Boy on the screen - Instead, you could simply glance down at your second screen and touch to interact with the Pip-Boy's interface. This action could be performed in real time or whilst the game is paused, whichever the player wishes. Alternatively, the touch and motion control features of the GamePad could also be used to perform other actions in-game like targeting parts in V.A.T.S., hacking terminals, using melee weapons or selling/buying e.t.c.


It's December 2012 and, as of yet, Bethesda have not announced if they will support the Wii U. Bethesda can give Nintendo the kind of support they need to aid their new console in it's early stages. However, that's not to say that Bethesda won't benefit from this too; More platforms, more players, more sales, right?


If you too think this is a good cause and would also like to see Fallout on the Wii U then please sign this petition and ask any friends (who you think may be interested as well) to do so too.


Thank you for reading.


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I believe that if the Fallout game series is also produced for Nintendo's Wii U, it could prove to be a great success especially if given a good implementation of the Wii U's GamePad. For example, as the Pip-Boy's interface. I think that bringing Fallout (and perhaps other franchises later) to the Wii U is a good decision since there are plenty people on the platform who would be willing to buy such a game for the Wii U, perhaps because of said implementations.

It's the perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons and add the franchise to another great platform.

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