Bring Survival Mode Back to Fallout 76

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On October 1st 2019, Survival Mode was removed from Fallout 76. This decision has not only impacted the PvP community, but the PvE community as well. 

The voices of the PvE community are being heard loud and clear, while PvP players are being pushed to the side. 

The PvP community WANTS our voices heard for once! We love Fallout, the game, the community, the friendships we’ve made along the way.

But as the game progresses, slowly our joy diminishes. Many of us have spent months, even years collecting gear, and perfecting our builds, only to have PvP ripped from our hands, and catered to only the PvE side.

This isn’t Fallout 5. It is an apocalyptic survival game, with real life people exposed to the elements,  and each other. 

Bethesda. Give us back Survival Mode.