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Good morning,

I humbly come before you asking for your help with a campaign I'm starting called #GiveAuthorsAChance. As an author, I have noticed authors are not given the same opportunities to be spotlighted and recognized on shows, videos, and especially award shows. You will notice with the BET awards, there is no best author category but you can win best actor, best athlete or a lot of music awards. Books are still a form of entertainment (I.e. Harry Potter). Even the show Dancing with the Stars which has had over 15 seasons and few if any contestants have been authors (unless they were already famous and happen to write a book). One of the most prestigious awards an author can receive is the Pulitzer Prize Award and those events are not broadcasted and covered like the Oscars, Emmys, and Grammys. Representation is everything! Today's adults are concerned that kids don't like to read and write however the profession of being an author has been under appreciated and under-utilized in mass media. You rarely see authors featured on major news and radio stations. On top of that more and more book stores are closing...

For those of you that don't know, authors and singers have very similar paths. We both have to find companies that produce our products. We both pay thousands of dollars to invest in our product. Both singers and authors get royalty checks for only a percentage of what they earned. Both travel to promote their product. Both have to practice before they go in front of others but most importantly, both require a lot of time money and sacrifice. Some authors spend years working on one book.

Ask yourself this, how quickly can you name five singers? Now ask yourself how quickly can you name five authors. If you ask a child in your family to name ten singers/songs they could do it instantly. But if you ask them to name ten authors/book titles, I am almost confident they can't do it as quickly. If writers were broadcasted like singers, actors/actresses or ball players are, more kids would like reading and writing.

Therefore I'm starting the hashtag #GiveAuthorsAChance . I have a message below I hope you will copy and paste in support of this campaign on your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more authors to be spotlighted in television roles and award shows. You can use the message below or write your own as long as #GiveAuthorsAChance is there. Even if you do not have social media, even a letter or phone call to a news, television, or radio station goes a long way. If nothing else, I ask that you please sign the petition which only takes ten seconds

This isn't just about me or my book, this is for every author that pushed through to complete their goal of writing to inspire someone else to either read their story or write their own. I am doing this for past, present, and future authors. Before there was television, there were books!!! I want reading and writing to be fun again for our kids so I have to start this campaign. Thank you for your help. Here is the message for social media if you can post....

Please give authors the same opportunities to be recognized. Please add a "Best Male/Female Author" Award @BET #GiveAuthorsAChance

Thank you

Jonathan C. Harris



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