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Best Buy: Speak out against the Minnesota marriage amendment

My name is Andrew Korando. I am a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School. Currently, I am studying for the Minnesota bar exam and I plan to work and live in the State of Minnesota. Recently, Minnesota businessman Bill George, a former CEO of Medtronic and former Target board member, called on corporations based in the state to oppose an amendment to the state constitution prohibiting same-sex marriage.

Opposing this amendment is not only the morally right thing to do, but it is also in Best Buy’s best interest. As Mr. George pointed out it is “important . . . to recruit and retain talented people. Doing so requires a culture that accepts people as they are—not in spite of differences, but because of them.” As someone who moved here from out-of-state, I cannot agree more. Intelligent, savvy employees, even those not directly affected, would rather work in, and would be more attracted to, states that are “open and welcoming” to all.

Target Co., another Minnesota corporation, recently came out in opposition to this amendment stating that: “Target does not believe that a constitutional fight over the issue is good for Minnesota or the state’s ability to attract jobs and grow the economy.”

In light of what recently happened in North Carolina, it is especially important that local businesses oppose this amendment. In North Carolina the business community failed to speak out against Amendment One with disastrous results.

I shop at Best Buy and I take pride in it as a local institution. Best Buy should do as much as it can to support everyone in the community. The time has come for them to join Bill George and take a stand on this issue.

Please join me in telling Best Buy that they should oppose this amendment. It is bad law, bad policy, and bad for business.

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