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With the passage of the Stimulus package, many people are going to be able to make “ends” meet during this pandemic. However, college students that were claimed by their parents are not eligible for any kind of assistance. Most college students pay for everything themselves, such as rent, utilities, and etc. They are the ones that have multiple jobs, pay taxes, and have student loans. However, since they have to use their parents’ tax papers for school purposes their parents get to claim them.
Even those who are 18-24 and 65 or older that pay taxes, work, and have ultimately been affected by the Coronavirus WILL NOT receive any government assistance if they are claimed as dependents. Not only this but the tax payer that claims said person as a dependent will not receive any money as well because only children under 17 years of age are eligible for 500. Therefore those claimed as dependents who are over the age of 18 and are in need of governmental assistance will receive absolutely nothing. 
The relief bill that was recently passed overlooked many groups of people who need stimulus checks, help me raise awareness and fix this issue.