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Senator Sanders, speak with Dr. Stein about a Sanders/Stein Green ticket

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Senator Sanders,

We believe you could win a three-way contest with Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump if you run on the Green Party ticket. Dr. Stein, the presumptive Green Party nominee, has expressed a willingness to place you at the top of the GP ticket. By not running as a Green, you would help Trump by giving all those independents nowhere to go to express their dislike of the direction of government except to Trump.

We, your revolutionary supporters, implore you to hold talks with Dr. Stein about the possibility of collaboration with a genuine non-establishment Party that shares most of your platform. You know you do well with independent and even some Republican voters, and your once-in-our-nation's lifetime revolutionary movement can continue to November.

At this point you owe the rigged and corrupt Democratic Party nothing. Secretary Clinton recently made it clear she will not adopt any of your policy ideas. While you risk losing your committee leadership position in the Senate, the nation would lose much more if you stop your efforts to become the next President and refuse to continue to lead the revolution this nation so desperately needs after June 7th or the Democratic Party Convention. We will not and morally cannot vote for Secretary Clinton in November. Since many have already pledged to either write in your name on the ballot or vote for the Green Party anyway, you won't be dividing the American left; you'd be giving us a real chance to help you capture the Executive Branch of government, the first step of a multi-cycle political revolution.


Your loyal supporters

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