Investigate 2020 Democratic Primary Fraud

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We, the People, should immediately file a federal lawsuit seeking court intervention, investigation and oversight of the 2020 Democratic primary. Whether you’re a Bernie supporter or not, this cannot be allowed to stand. Exit polls have never looked this suspicious before, including 2016.

Why is this important?

2020 exit polls are so off from the results that it suggests voter fraud and/or hacking of multiple primaries. After the debacle of 2016’s establishment rigged primary, after the quagmire of incompetence shown by the DNC in Iowa, how can we even trust the results without outside oversight?

Please consider this evidence gathered from the exit polls, and remember that the number one indicator of an election being tampered with are exit polls outside the margin of error:

We, the People, deserve fair and transparent elections so that we can have faith that the will of the people is being served, that the candidate chosen by the people will be chosen by the Democratic Party without meddling by the Establishment pillars of the DNC.