Ensure Election Integrity: Independent Poll Monitors Needed for Democratic Primary 2016

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Ensure Election Integrity: Independent Poll Monitors Needed for Democratic Primary 2016

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Deborah Lusignan started this petition to Senator Bernie Sanders and

An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders from his Supporters:

Senator Sanders, you have called for a People's revolution. You have asked us to rise up and take back our power from the billionaire class who now dictates our political process and policy making through the politicians they purchase and sponsor every election cycle. 

And, we have heeded that call.

We understand the deep level of corruption that has overtaken our government through corporate ownership and rule.

We have had enough.

We also realize the enormity of the fight we face. We understand that the power they have usurped from us, the People, will not be wrested back without a fight. We see clearly the level of corruption. We see clearly that we are playing a rigged game. We watched just two weeks ago, the Democratic Party, betray its own constituents and voters through its hit job and smear job of our campaign by attacking us for a data breach for which THEY were responsible. We watched them attempt to cripple our campaign, steal our data, and smear your integrity across the airwaves with unjust accusations designed to destroy our People's movement. We have since come to learn that data company responsible for these breaches to firewalls and security was chosen by Hillary Clinton's Super Pac, 'Ready for Hillary'. We have since learned that this data company (NGP VAN) was responsible for a breach where Clinton data was uploaded to our side of the server in October of this year (which was fortunately & immediately discovered, quarantined, and reported by your campaign). We have now learned that the staff member in your campaign who went into the Clinton side of the server was recommended to the campaign by NGP VAN & the DNC. We smell a rat. We smell a hit job. And, we believe this is just the beginning to the level to which they will sink to maintain their power and control and stay in the good graces of the corporate interests they now serve. We are not naive.

The New Hampshire & Iowa Primary voting will soon be upon us. And, everywhere it is whispered across social media that if we can just win BIG enough, we will be able to thwart the stealing of our victory in New Hampshire and Iowa by the power interests driving the Clinton campaign. Very few believe that we will have an honest voting process that will accurately represent the People's will. We have seen George W Bush twice appointed to a Presidency with many citizens believing he did not win ONE of those elections. The majority of evidence indicates Bush stole Florida the first go, and many believe that Ohio was equally rigged for the second term. There is ample evidence to support this second conclusion as well. Many voters across this country will be voting on privatized electronic voting machines that have been shown to be incredibly vulnerable to hacking. In the case of some Die-Bold machines, it has been scientifically proven that these machines can be hacked remotely without leaving any trace of evidence. Additionally, there is concern for purged voter roles and other vote suppression tactics that will be utilized to depress vote counts throughout the country.

The corrupted voting system in the United States and our susceptibility to rigged election results appears to be the elephant in the room that few politicians will openly acknowledge. We believe this is both naive and detrimental given the enormity of the evidence that indicates voting rigging and suppression not only occur, but such tactics have been successfully employed to sway Presidential election outcomes in our very recent past.

As constituents who have given our blood, sweat, tears, (and money) to drive this campaign forward and make it a viable People's movement, we believe we need to act preemptively to address this threat. Therefore, we request:

The campaign request independent poll monitors to all primary state elections (including caucuses & telecaucuses). If we need to call in the UN to oversee the election process, so be it. We do not trust the integrity of the system and if this is what is required to ensure proper oversight, it should be done.

The campaign should contract third party, independent exit polls outside the influence of the Democratic Party or the major media (parent companies of CNN & MSNBC have fundraising lobbyists within the Clinton campaign) and immediately be prepared to request hand counts of ballots overseen by independent poll monitors should discrepancies in the poll results and election results arise.

Many of your supporters have deep and serious concerns about the possibility of hacking and vote rigging in the 2016 election cycle. In fact, it has become almost a cliche to say we must 'win big' to get past this type of rigging since so many assume it is now just a norm of voting in the United States. This should NOT be an accept norm, and it is long past time we speak openly about the 20,000 ton elephant in the room.

In Solidarity
The People.....

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This petition had 6,092 supporters

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