Bernie Sanders please Accept Howie Hawkins' Invitation to Run on the Green Ticket

Bernie Sanders please Accept Howie Hawkins' Invitation to Run on the Green Ticket

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Started by Katherina Brewer

Dear Bernie Sanders,

We the disenfranchised, Independent, Progressive, Socialist Democrats, and working class people of the United States of America, implore you to accept the invitation by Howie Hawkins to run under the Green Party in the 2020 Presidential Election. The Democratic National Committee and it's supporters have made it clear they wish to run Joe Biden, a subpar candidate, who currently has sexual assault allegations airing and shows significant signs of cognitive decline. If we do not have a viable candidate, the country will be strapped with Donald Trump for four more years.

Your platform, which matches closely with the Green Party, is the only platform that will save this country at this time. The future of this country is in serious jeopardy. We need universal health care and a liveable wage now. We need green energy now. You are the only viable candidate that is advocating for these basic necessities. 

Please do not place allegiance with a party that is not supportive of your platform and campaign. The people of the Democratic party have made it very clear to us, your supporters, that you are not really a Democrat and that you are only being tolerated in their party for our votes in November. The Vote Blue No Matter Who campaign has made it clear that it is no matter who, except if it's you

The Green Party is already recognized across the United States. With 40% of the population identifying as Independent and the recognition of the Green Party, you will have a very strong voter base to move your campaign forward. We will do everything in our power to support you as a Green Party candidate. 

Our country needs you. Let's get this Revolution moving.

Not me, Us.


4,316 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!