Bernie Sanders Campaign IMMEDIATELY Address Systemic Democratic Primary Election Fraud

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Bernie Sanders Campaign IMMEDIATELY Address Systemic Democratic Primary Election Fraud

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Open Letter to Bernie Sander's Campaign from Supporters: 

 We, as your supporters/volunteers/donors and advocates for the People's movement are DEEPLY concerned about what appears to be systemic election rigging within the Democratic primary and the failure of the Sanders' campaign to address problems as they have revealed themselves.

State by state, we have witnessed serious issues with caucus rigging (video evidence emerging showing Clinton staff miscounting votes/allowing Clinton voters to go into caucuses unregistered, misinforming caucus participants of rules resulting in invalidating Sanders votes). The violations were so severe in Iowa that the editorial board of the newspaper that endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Presidency, the Des Moines Register called for an independent audit and full investigation to determine what went wrong. In Nevada, we have video of Clinton supporters being allowed to vote in the caucus unregistered and miscounting vote. The concerns about manipulations by the Clinton campaign in Nevada resulted in Nurses United (the Nurses' union that endorsed Sen Sanders) to request independent polling monitors be brought in to oversee elections in remaining primary states.

In addition, we have seen a consistent trend of exit polling not matching election outcomes in Arizona, Massachusetts, Missouri, Iowa and Illinois indicating wins for Senator Sanders in these states. Additionally, exit polls in other states indicate much closer outcomes than reported results. In Massachusetts, we witnessed unadjusted exit polls indicating a double digit win for Bernie Sanders and hand counted precincts in Massachusetts going to Senator Sanders by 17% over Hillary Clinton. In Arizona, exit polls conducted by the Daily Courier indicated Sanders winning by 62% over Clinton’s 37% yet current results are indicating an inexplicable double digit win for Clinton. Exit polling has been consistently correct in predicting Republican primary outcomes from the same outlets conducting the Democratic polling. This is a major red flag.

We also have video evidence that Bill Clinton broke the law by campaigning INSIDE Massachusetts polling places and shutting down polling stations for several hours as he canvased these precincts. Despite this being against state law, the severe disruption in voting that occurred, and a petition of over 100,000 people demanding that the state take legal action against Clinton for these violations, nothing was done. This emboldened Bill Clinton to repeat the same behavior in precincts in Illinois, and Hillary Clinton was seen campaigning at a precinct in North Carolina during voting on that state's primary day. Voters felt enormously disrespected that the Clinton's interfered with our voting process and upset the Sanders campaign did not hold them to account for illegally disrupting our voting process.

Additionally, there is a serious concern about purged voter rolls with voters in every primary state thus far reporting incidents where individuals were either removed from the rolls or did not have their registration update changes in status that would have allowed them to participate in the 2016 Democratic primary. Florida and Arizona was the most egregious in voters reporting removal from the rolls with many citizens being denied the vote entirely or only allowed to vote on provisional ballots. Additionally, in Arizona we witnessed mass suppression of the vote as the state provided only sixty polling places for participation in contrast to the 200 that were available for the 2012 uncontested Democratic primary election. Voters reported waiting in lines for up to six hours. The mainstream news media predicted a victory for Clinton with available exit polling data indicating a Sanders win and thousands of voters still waiting in line to cast a vote. This reeks of wag the dog politics, and we have zero faith that the outcome in Arizona is any way indicative of the actual results of that election.

Additionally, we are finding that vote by mail and absentee ballot registration is consistently favoring Hillary Clinton THREE to ONE and this is occurring EVEN in states where Sen Sanders is winning in double digit blow out margins over Clinton. 

This is a short list of the issues and problems that have been reported in the Democratic primary thus far. Please refer to this blog for sources, videos, documentation, and video evidence compiled by state.  The claims made in this petition are documented on this site.

As supporters of this movement, we are troubled by the failure of the campaign to address these issues as they have arisen. We are puzzled why hand recounts of sample precincts were not requested in states where exit polls and election outcomes did not match. The machines we vote on are subject to tampering and remote hacking and election results have been shown to change by simple calibration of these machines. We are disturbed that the campaign failed to follow up with recounts in Missouri when exit polls showed a clear Sanders win in this state, and election precinct totals showed statistically improbable changes to favor Clinton in larger voting areas such as St Louis. If the campaign did not want the voters to incur the cost for a full recount in this state, it would have been prudent to request hand recounts of ballots in precincts that presented red flags. Our concern in Missouri, and indeed all the primary states, is not to pick up one or two extra delegates, but reveal what we believe could be mass election fraud. 

Given the amount of evidence, it has come to the point of irresponsibility by the campaign to continue to ignore this issue. Volunteers and supporters have given literally hundreds of thousands of man hours and millions of dollars in donations to drive this campaign to success. We have a right to expect the campaign will employ every possibly means of safeguarding our vote. Therefore, we request the campaign:

Fully contest the election results in the state of Arizona. The amount of voter suppression and problems in this state demand a full revote.  

File for hand counts in states where exit poll results did not match election outcomes where it is legally allowed.  If the campaign does not want to pay or recount entire states, we implore the campaign to request counts in states that presented red flags in reporting statistically improbable changes that favored Hillary Clinton.  (St Louis in Missouri, Chicago in Illinois, etc).  Immediately pursue any redress available in Massachusetts to the full extent of the law 

Conduct exit polling in future primary states and immediately request sample hand counts of precincts if election outcomes do not match polling results to document for any possible fraud and challenge results wherein such fraud is documented. 

Immediately respond to any future illegal behavior from the Clinton campaign (Bill Clinton illegally canvassing polls, video evidence of caucus rigging from Clinton campaign) and reports of mass voter purging or vote suppression by pursuing any/all legal avenues to provide redress.  

It is the campaign's duty to ensure that they utilize every avenue available to protect our vote and ensure that our movement to elect a People's representative to the Presidency isn't thwarted by illicit or illegal tactics from any entity.  

URGENT UPDATE:  After the Arizona debacle with reports of thousands of Sanders supporters being purged from the voter rolls, voters in upcoming primary states started double checking their registration status.  We are getting reports from voters in Wisconsin, New York, California, Washington, and other upcoming states and some have had their party affiliation changed from Democratic to another status or found they are no longer on the rolls.  If you are voting in an upcoming primary or caucus state, DOUBLE CHECK your voter registration status and bring documentation to the polls of your eligibility.  If you are purged, also contact the Sanders campaign.  The Sanders campaign should make available an immediate hotline for reporters to report this issue AND issue a statement to warn voters to check their registration status.  

 UPDATE 2:  As the campaign now continues to ignore the signatures of over 13,000 people, we have reports of ballot stuffing and irregularities in Wyoming.  In Laramie County alone, Sanders had 689 votes to Clinton's 111 votes at the caucus however Clinton ended up winning 620 votes were added in absentee surrogate ballots.  We implore the campaign to get representatives on the ground to examine the ballots to determine if these were legitimately cast votes.  It is IMPERATIVE that the campaign address this issue as officials in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania have ordered 300,000 absentee ballots for the upcoming Democratic primary election.  Absentee ballots in primary elections for this county in PA typically run about 3,000!  Just printing this grotesquely excessive amount should be a HUGE red flag.  ADDRESS immediately:

"More than 2,900 ballot requests have been received so far, including a few hundred already sent overseas to comply with a federal law.
That far outpaces the 1,922 and 1,176 requests seen in the 2012 and 2014 primaries."

 Update 3: 

The New York State Democratic Primary election was a blatant exercise in voter suppression and fraud. A very SMALL sampling of issues that occurred in New York:

In Brooklyn, 126,000 voters were purged from the registration rolls (dropped or party affiliation changed from Democrat to different party), a fourteen percent drop in that one city alone. Registration purging was reported across the state.

Polling locations in Brooklyn reported broken machines, lack of full compliment of machines, and one polling location opened hours late after it was failed to be staffed.

CNN exit polling showed a four percent difference between Clinton and Sanders for the final results. Clinton is now currently holding a sixteen point lead with the majority of precincts now reporting. CBS exit polls showed a five point difference between the two candidates. CNN exit poll had a margin of error of 2.6 percent. Exit polls are a reliable mean of ascertaining election outcomes and are used as a means globally to detect for suspicious results. New York is just the latest in a long series of states where reported results do not match the reported results (MA, IL, AZ, MI). A hand count is necessary to ensure the machine tally provided accurate results. Sanders must step up and demand that a hand count sample audit of precincts be conducted in New York state.

Issues were so severe that the New York City comptroller called for a full audit of the Election Board due to 'hundreds of thousands of reported problems'. Unfortunately, there is a serious conflict of interest with Scott Stringer (NYC comptroller) leading an audit; he is the top delegate for Hillary Clinton on the New York State primary ballot.

See our Election Fraud Blog for all the New York updates at: for MUCH more complete information. 

Update 4: MAJOR evidence of fraud and vote manipulation in the state of California.  Please view the evidence as compiled here for specifics and details of individual examples AND pending legal actions for redress.  California was Ground Zero for the Fraud - the silence, Senator Sanders (from the campaign) in the wake of the level of evidence and issues occurring in California is DEAFENING.  One does NOT remain silent when constituents of the Democratic party are blatantly having their will subverted.  Fear of having allegations of sore loser or sour grapes thrown by a corporate media apparently colluding to propagate the fraud is not a valid excuse not to act.  In fact, it sends the message that all that is required to perpetuate a successful crime against the citizenry  is to intimidate, bully, shame and cower the victims into silence.  We can NOT be complicit in theft of the People's will out of fear that those who seek to subvert it may call us a name. 

In solidarity

The People. 

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