All Adult victims of child sex abuse/molestation deserve justice!

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Im starting this petition to give a voice to ALL VICTIMS OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE. They always say its the ones closest to you that can sometimes do the most harm,  well I am a Confirmation to that statement. At the age of 9 my step father began to sexually abuse/molest me and continued to do so all through JHS. Scenerios like this are occurring every day and damaging the innocent lives of children. Children that will grow up to face the demons that were placed upon them by their abusers. In addition to physical abuse from my mothers husband who was an alcoholic and drug addict...i lived in constant fear for my safety. I also feared that my mother would hate me for telling her personal business, something she always drilled in my headhead often. Today i stand, as a victim and as a survivor,  but i stand helplessly because as an Adult I cannot bring charges against my step father for violating me as a child. All due to New York Citys Statue of Limitation on rape and child molestation/sex abuse. After doing some research and speaking with several lawyers, i found that any adult that was abused as a child would not be able to file charges or even a civil suit for pain and suffering unless it was a few years after your 18th birthday. I, myself didnt tell my mother until i was 16 years of age. She did not believe me at the time. I was so shocked and hurt that it never occurred to me to go to the police myself! At that time i suffered heavily from depression, anxiety and extreme anger. I felt so guilty for saying anything at all. Unwillingly i had to go live with my boyfriend's family at the time because I had no other family willing to take me in. At the age of 19 due to extreme levels of stress and altercations with my mother and female siblings who are the daughters of my abuser, i developed seizure disorder/epilepsy. Something ill have to struggle with for the rest of my life due to excessive stress.  For many years i simply wanted nothing more than my mother to believe me and protect me even as an "adult" but she never acknowledged or reported the abuse.  Now at the age of 30 i finally decided to win back my voice and call attention to the abuse that i had to endure during my childhood.  The major obstacle being, that i cannot bring criminal charges against my step father  for all the pain and suffering that he directly caused in my life. I tried to forgive and forget on many occassions to avoid conflict with my family but to see my step father walk around me as if he isnt a pedophile made me more and more disturbing the older i got especially my family allowing him to be around my children without my knowledge or permission. Just think about all the child molesters and pedophiles walking around freely, around schools, around daycares, children being left with family with a history of pedophilia etc. We need to protect our children and we also need to give Adult victims of child molestation a chance to bring justice to their abusers! These child abusers need to be on the registered sex offenders list/database. No matter how long ago the abuse occurred, all victims deserve to feel safe again. All people who abuse children need to be acknowledged and EXPOSED and actions taken against them for the wellbeing of our future generations. Anyone who enabled or hid the abuse should too be charged criminally! I ask that you stand with me to call attention to the many adult victims of Child Abuse who have no voice and have gotten no justice but had to live a life of depression, anger, mental illness, a life of seclusion and even those who have committed suicide because they felt helpless and uncared for during such a traumatic time in their lives! New York City and a number of other states NEED to change their Statue of Limitations and allow adult victims to seek criminal and civil actions against all parties involved in the sexual victimization of children. Justice is warranted when your entire life has been forever changed or destroyed due to someone violating you at the most helpless, vulnerable, and detrimental time in ones life, childhood!!!!