SUPPORT Holly's fundraiser for Ester; and petition for SAFETY for PETS on the Spirit!

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Also, Holly is raising funds to help her continue the search for Ester:

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The full letter is still being authored so that we cover off on every aspect. It will be posted here. When we write to the TT-Line, we will state something along these lines:

The Spirit of Tasmania must

  • install electronic locks for all pet accommodation with swipe cards for owners
  • a safe way to release all locks in case of fire or emergency
  • CCTV trained 24/7 on all pet accommodation, and 
  • a thorough method of locating any pet who "escapes" its accommodation or is stolen from its accommodation.

In addition, TT-Line MUST fund a PROPER SEARCH for Ester!

Pets are members of families, not common animals.

Ester, a beloved friend and pet, may have been drugged and stolen from her cage on the night of 25 January 2021. No one knows what happened! And TT Staff didn’t broadcast over the loud speaker that a search was underway, or search cars/caravans before people disembarked. There's no CCTV footage. Unbelieveable. Her owner was only allowed to search for one hour in the early hours of 26 January when she was advised of Ester's "escape". 

This demonstrates ZERO care on the part of the TT-Line.

This failure to care for pets on the Spirit of Tasmania has massively impacted on the lives of Holly and Ester, and could seriously affect Tasmanian tourism because people will boycott your ship and Tasmania over this disgraceful, archaic attitude towards people’s pets.

People in the community are suffering vicariously because we all know how utterly devastating this situation is for Holly and Ester.

We the petitioners demand a satisfactory response to this petition via immediate and thorough action to rectify the pet cage security on this ship and all TT ships.