Justice for Michael Roloff

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Justice for Michael Roloff

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My son was shot and killed by his soon to be ex-wife mother Lois Olbekson. He didn't want to go to Olbekson's house but his soon to be ex-wife Meagan Cody insisted that he go if he wanted to see his 5 year old son for Christmas.  He went saying that he would rather be in Hell over with them then not be there for his son. Meagan told Michael that Olbekson insisted that she had bought the 2 kids (Tearan, and my Grandson) lots of Christmas presents and was having a party for the 2 kids. When My son got to Libby, Olbekson had bought them a Christmas ornament and that was it. Meagan and Olbekson were mad that I had bought my grandson a lot of Christmas presents and she didn't think that was fair. Michael told me Meagan would only let My grandson open 4 presents and if he was good then he could open 4 more that night. Michael said that Meagan would only allow my grandson to open the rest of his presents the next day Dec 26,2014 if he was good.

But instead Olbekson decided to have a party with drinking, they were all drinking and my son went outside Olbekson followed him out and then she went back into her house and got a gun then came back outside and shot my son in her drive way. MCA 45-3-102 Which stated "the force is necessary to prevent imminent death or serious bodily harm" Michael would have to be beating the crap out of her in order for her to justify because he wasn't armed. She went back into the house and got the gun and came back outside and shot him, instead of calling the cops, or maybe lock the door. He was unarmed and and drinking, he was over 21 so it isn't illegal for him to be drinking.

I believe this was a set up by Meagan Cody, and Lois Olbekson pulled the trigger. Lois Olbekson should be in Jail and Meagan Cody should be held as an accomplice. Meagan Cody tried to Convince Michael (Many times) to Commit Suicide so she could draw Social Security so she wouldn't have to work. She is drawing Social Security for her first child because her EX committed Suicide.

Please we need Justice for Michael Roloff and his son Trace Roloff. The more people that sign the Petition maybe the County Attorney will listen. These people need to be held accountable for there actions.

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