Save the Southern Resident Orcas!

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What will you be helping if you sign this petition? Wondering if you should sign this here is why you should:

If you sign this petition you will be helping the Southern Resident orcas from having their beautiful habitat destroyed, from having them go extinct. 

Southern resident orcas are endangered and there are only 72 left in the world. They were here first, the orcas have been in the earth's oceans for hundreds of thousands of years. We need to save them. Without them the world will not be the same. If the orcas go extinct we will too.  

If there is an oil spill from pipelines the southern resident orcas will lose their only critical habitat. This will not only affect the southern residents. It will affect the whole ecosystem. It will affect transient orcas, the northern residents orcas and all other marine animals that live on the west coats. 

Chinook salmon are 80% of the orcas diet so if chinook salmon go extinct then the remaining 72 southern resident orcas will also go extinct with them.

Without a healthy ocean we would not be here. So if there is an oil spill everything will suffer including us and the orcas.

Southern resident orcas are very unique animals. When a baby orca is born it will stay with its mother for the rest of its life. Orcas are way smarter than humans and they are more attached to each other than humans are. If one orca dies their family will never forget about them and they will do anything they can to keep them alive. Just like how Tahlequah J-35 carried her daughter for 17 days on her head. You may not think that it’s true but orcas also care about family and have funerals for each other. They will protect others in the pod whenever needed. 

Please help the orcas and the west coast or Salish Sea by signing this.