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On June 21st, 2018 - Dana visited Berkshire Humane Society (BHS), seeking guidance for emergency medical help for his dog, Tena, who had been previously diagnosed about a month prior with a broken pelvic bone, vet had recommended bed rest and pain medications, but her leg didn't seem to be healing. BHS stated that they couldn't help Tena unless she was surrendered. Thinking that he could pay for her veterinary care and reclaim Tena after she was surrendered, he signed the paperwork. 

On June 22nd, 2018 - Deborah (Tena's mom) visited Tena at BHS. She was informed by staff that Tena had seen their veterinarian and that the vet had confirmed Tena did not have any fractures. Deb begged BHS to allow her to reclaim Tena. BHS refused. Deb offered to pay for any medical fees that been incurred, as well as offering to pay BHS' adoption fee despite Tena only being in their care for 1 day. BHS still refused. A staff worker, Lindsay Hermanski, brought Tena outside for Deb to visit with her. Lindsey stated that they had started Tena on pain medication for her leg. She stated that she had had to forcibly request that Tena be put on meds, because other staff at the shelter didn't believe that Tena was in any pain.

After leaving the "Humane" society, Deb was able to reach out to her grandson's mother, Rebecca, who was able to get in contact with an organization known as "Animal Rescue Konnection" (ARK). Rebecca was able to connect with Mary Lou Diangelis, the Director of ARK. Mary Lou was able to connect with an Animal Law attorney, willing to help get Tena returned to her family. ARK was also ready to begin fundraising in order to help raise whatever costs necessary to get Tena home to her family. 

On June 23rd, 2018 - Forced to remain the care of BHS, Tena's health and mental state began degrading; her fight or flight instincts were kicking in and she began growling at staff. 2 days after being surrendered, 1 day after her mom had begged to reclaim her, TENA WAS MURDERED BY BHS. Forced to die alone, killed by people she was terrified of, in a place she didn't know - Instead of being returned to her family. The "Humane" Societies excuse is that their bylaws don't allow for owner-surrenders to be reclaimed due to them not wanting people to take advantage of their subsidized veterinary care!!

On June 25th, 2018 - After numberous calls to BHS went unanswered, Deb went to the shelter to speak with the Executive Director, John Perrault. Mr. Perrault came outside to meet with Deb as the shelter is closed on Monday's. He proceeded to reiterate that Deb could not have Tena back, as well as degrading Deb for even asking for her dog back. Deb interrupted Mr. Perrault and asked, "Did you euthanize my dog?" To which Mr. Perrault responded, "Yes." Deb informed him that he better be prepared for a law suit and turned to leave. Mr. Perrault CHASED Deb across the parking lot, screaming at her, degrading her, etc. When she got in her car, Mr. Perrault stood at her window, continuing his attack on her until she started her car and put it in gear, at which point he backed away.

In an attempt to support their decision to euthanize, BHS claims that Tena was suffering - yet the only tests that they had performed was an x-ray to determine she DID NOT have any fractures; and as staff worker, Lindsay Hermanski stated to Deb, she had had to force the shelter to begin pain management medication as no other staff believed Tena was in any pain.

Tena WAS suffering. She was suffering at the hands of BHS by being forced to remain in their inadequate care (to say the least) when all she wanted was to go home to the family that had raised her from puppy-hood. ALL BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT PEOPLE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THEIR LOW COST VETERINARY CARE!!!!!!! 

This is a NON-PROFIT shelter that CLAIMS to care about the animals. Surrender is suppose to be the LAST option in Humane Societies! They claim to help animals and their families stay together, by connecting owner's with appropriate resources to HELP owners and their fur babies. Berkshire County "Humane" Society is far from Humane, they are MURDERS. 

Please sign our petition, begging Berkshire Humane Societies' Board of Directors to change their INHUMANE bylaws in order to prevent this from happening to anyone else's fur babies; and to replace their current executive director, John Perrault, with a more compassionate and animal friendly director!!