HELP STOP Berkeley Heights BOE from RELOCATING our kids!

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The current leadership of the Berkeley Heights Board of Education has consistently implemented significant changes without resident input. 

This year the Berkeley Heights Board of Education is moving forward with a redistricting plan that will have a significant impact on children. 

This impact will be felt by most if not all families who have children in Berkeley Heights elementary schools starting in the fall of the 2021-2022 school year.

This petition has NOT been created to prevent full day kindergarten, but to prevent the BOE’s plan to dismantle current neighborhood schools as we know them today. 

This year has been fraught with significant changes that children and families have worked hard in adapting to- remote learning, separation from their peers and friends, and lack of stability and normalcy.  The last thing our children and families need is more change that does not incorporate their input.

As parents of children in our schools we are demanding that the Board of Education restart the process incorporating family input from the start - pausing any movement forward on this plan which has not been communicated to families with only a few months left to the school year.