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Bentonville Arkansas Police Dept (SWAT) Officers: Lt Robert Burkhart, Cpl. Jason Beeler is the officer who shot our dog.: FIRE THE OFFICERS WHO SHOT QUEEN

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Bentonville Arkansas Police Dept (SWAT) Feb. 15th, 2013 Officers:
Queen was a loving 4 ½ year old pit bull who was shot to death in her own home and left to bleed out on her kitchen floor. On Feb. 15th, 2013 Bentonville police along with Rogers police officers began surveying a home in the morning in which they had a knock and announce search warrant. The officers then followed a 6 month pregnant... woman along with her 1 year old son to the school of her oldest son where she was picking him up at the end of the school day around 3:00pm. The officers began to question her as to her husband’s whereabouts; to which she replied he was working and only the 2 dogs were in the house. One officer then used his cell phone to call and give the command to breach their home. According to police reports and neighbors SWAT was used to breach the home and Queen was shot instantly. According to the police reports, Queen wouldn’t allow the officers entry at the front door entrance. It states she lunged, showed her teeth and then turned to retreat, but then lunged again, at that point the officer had to shoot her. However, Queen was shot approximately 10-12’ feet from the front door in the living room near the couch. She then ran under the baby highchair, around the dining room table to the kitchen where she layed down and passed. The paperwork also states they knew there were 2 dogs present in the home. Why wouldn’t the officers do as the warrant stated; to come to the door and knock and announce? They knew the woman was inside the home and obviously had SWAT nearby waiting.
It’s important to mention that 8 days prior to this incident on Feb. 7th, 2013 Bentonville police and Benton county sheriff’s officers kicked in the front door of this same residence WITHOUT a search warrant at approx. 8:00pm to serve a Failure to appear arrest warrant for the husband who failed to appear in traffic court. The husband was subsequently charged with 2 counts kidnapping, 2 counts child endangerment and resisting arrest for taking his 2 small children into a back bedroom and calling 911 while the officers were kicking open the front door. This night the officers let their 2 pit bulls out of their back door into their backyard.
So how could 8 days later, these officers have amnesia to the fact of 2 dogs being in the home? Even if Queen was doing the things the reports claim, she was defending her own home!!!! The right of any person or animal to do so! These officers took an oath to protect and serve! Who did they protect and serve this day? Why was SWAT needed so desperately to serve a warrant on an Un-occupied home in the name of a 6 month pregnant, non-violent woman? These officers hid behind their badges to send a message of hate and to scare and silence. They should be ashamed of themselves! This will not be tolerated or forgotten. We will get justice for this beautiful dog and her family!!!!!! This has to stop and no other family needs to go thru this type of anguish due to an officer’s lack of training.
Please help by signing this petition!!!! Thank you!!!

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