Bentley House Estate: Save Our Green Spaces

Bentley House Estate: Save Our Green Spaces

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Andrew Burnham (Greater Manchester Mayor) and

Why this petition matters

We, the undersigned, would like you to rethink the current design and format of the proposed changes to the Medlock Road/Princess Road Roundabout because of the significant impact it will have on local residents in terms of pollution, noise and disturbance to our lives. We have not been consulted about the proposed changes and feel the plan completely disregards the health and wellbeing of the residents of Bentley House Estate.

Tenants and residents living next to the Parkway will lose the mature trees that currently are a significant noise and pollution barrier to the two major motorways we live next to. Air pollution has a significant health impact on the people of Manchester and this road is one of the most polluted in Manchester.

The trees are also important to wildlife in the area, and support some of our local bat population, with inhabited bat boxes in evidence. The area that is currently a small pocket park with railings around it also provides a barrier to residents from the considerable number of students and staff from MMU who use the underpass; protecting us from what is often disruptive and anti-social behaviour.

What is proposed will remove these protections. We should not be expected to live with a major pedestrian path that in places passes almost immediately next to our bedroom windows. We should not be expected to live with noisy and drunken night time behaviour. Many families with children live in the flats most affected.

Whilst we do not object to the environmental benefits of cycle lanes we do not feel this should happen at the cost of our environment and our health. We feel that the residents of this estate have been ignored and the impact on us has at no point been considered.

We would like a revised plan that:  

a)     Retains the trees in Rockdove Gardens and the section of the central reservation immediately next to our estate and St Philips School

b)    Retains the private area enclosed by railings and direct the pedestrian walkway so that it is not on our estate.

c)     Consult with residents about the location of the main work site as we feel that positioning them on Clarendon Street will again cause significant disruption and damage to our environment when we have already had significant long term disruption due to the Aaben works.


1,530 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!