STOP Bensalem School District from closing the Shafer Middle School Pool

STOP Bensalem School District from closing the Shafer Middle School Pool

June 7, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by John Polidoro

Taxpaying citizens of Bensalem Township have been utilizing the Swimming Pool at Robert K. Shafer Middle School for over 30 years. Programs such as Bensalem Aquatics, who provide American Red Cross Life-Saving Swimming Lessons, Senior Swims, Water Babies Swim Class, Open Community Public Swimming, Competitive Non-Profit Youth Swim Teams, and Parochial School Swim Teams have enjoyed decades of success in the development of swimming in the Bensalem community.

At this time, the Bensalem Township School Board is evaluating the decision to upgrade the Shafer Pool Facility (primarily HVAC) or close the pool permanently.
Bensalem School District recently received $5.4 million in government funding to include upgrading HVAC and Air Quality in Bensalem Schools. At this time the Bensalem School Board does not recognize the value of the pool to the community and appears reluctant to make the necessary improvements.

The Bensalem Community frequents the Shafer pool 6 days per week throughout the entire year. The closure of the pool will displace the young swimmers of St. Charles and St. Ephrem, terminate senior citizen swimming, and significantly reduce the swimming lessons program sessions.

The potential that the Shafer Pool has is magnificent. If fixed properly, we can hold even more programs and bring in more revenue for the school district. We can also start including swimming in the gym curriculum's as well for the middle schools.

Please help us save this valuable community-used pool. Sign this petition and feel free to contact the Bensalem School Board directly. Their emails can be found at the link below.




Support now
Signatures: 1,504Next Goal: 2,500
Support now

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