Demand that the New Hanover DA follow through with prosecuting animal cruelty!

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Criminal animal cruelty charges have been brought against animal hoarder Cynthia Huber for keeping over 150 starving animals in squalor and their own feces without proper medical care or shelter from the elements for over 5 years. Skywatch Bird Rescue worked with New Hanover Animal Control to rescue and remove every emaciated duck, goose, and cat kept confined in the horrendously filthy conditions. Skywatch has used its own donation funds and volunteer power to house, feed, and medically treat the birds rescued without recompense.

However, as the proceedings drag out, our local DA Benjamin David is considering dropping the charges completely. This is not the first time animal cruelty charges have been dismissed, at both the local and state level.

Please add your name to this petition and make your voices heard regarding the ridiculous flimsiness of our animal cruelty laws, both in New Hanover county and throughout North Carolina! Please support us as we try to shed light on not only this cruelty case, but also all of the animals whose suffering has been deemed unimportant and dismissed by the judicial system.

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