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Know that You Have Support from people who are both Compassionate and Scientifically Literate. We Appreciate your Life's Work and Dedication to Zoology and the Care taking of Animals.

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Bengt Holst is a man dedicated to science who also loves animals and has dedicated his life to serving, preserving, and protecting them. Sensationalist media has been creating nonsense about him purposely butchering an animal in front of hysterical children. In reality, the culling of this animal was done in a separated area of the zoo... and visitors were told what was happening, and were told they could go and see the process for education purposes if they wished. Some brought their children.. and they were all curious, supportive, and asked questions concerning the euthanization process, the factors concerning the genetic pool and herd size which led to this culling, and curiosity about the feeding process concerning the lions. The false narrative as this foolish hack of a senationalism journalist is trying to proport (one who tries to create a narrative based on false facts rather than report on events objectively and allow the viewer to reach their own conclusions) is preposterous, and we are proud of Bengt Holst for standing his ground and being straightforward about the FACTS behind his work. He needs to know that the world has not become ignorant to the truth behind scientific work... and that sensationalist, false media doesn't get to take the respect of his life's work and dedication to animals away from him. We support him and we want him to know that he is supported by intelligent people worldwide.

The absurd claim that this man butchered an animal, rather than follow regular protocol for their zoo... which is done throughout the year on other animals other than just giraffes... is insane. This is the norm for the organization to which the zoo belongs.  Sterilizing it would have been more inhumane given the damage to the animal's organs. And the other zoos who proposed to take the giraffe in at the last minute did NOT meet the minimum requirements for the giraffe's welfare. One may argue that this is hypocritical.. but simply because an animal has been selected in a culling process, doesn't mean that the world must bend over backwards to force this animal into unsatisfactory conditions for the rest of its life to "save" it from a humane, quick death. Human beings themselves are "culled" daily throughout the world due to famine, storms, and general cruelty and forced misery/indentured servitude in some of the world's largest democracies. Some of them would kill for a spot at a zoo. So let's not pretend that this zoo's standards should suddenly be violated for the sake of popular, illogical, opinion.

Sites all over the web and all media hubs purposely misrepresenting the zoo's activities  in the headlines as though the events were extraordinary (they were not... once again, culling is a regular activity in zoos such as these and worldwide)... and implying that they were "forced upon crying children".... are engaged in an egregious betrayal of the public trust by the media community because its simply wrong and forcing false outrage. 

Actual people who are damned by a corrupt justice system are overlooked everyday. Animals in horrid conditions and corrupt "sanctuaries" that are unreported and not transparent like this zoo... get away with selling animals for testing among other disgusting activities.

And furthermore, many of the people demanding this scientist to resign from his life's work,  ate meat today, yesterday, and will tomorrow... that was raised in barbaric conditions... inhumane, putrid, and disgusting... and handled/butchered by migrant workers in fatories in inhumane conditions for extremely little pay.

And yet they have the audacity and hypocrisy to demand this man's resignation in a separate petition for doing a job he has done well for a long time... which has never sparked outrage until a bunch of hotheads with blogs decided they needed something to whine about and cause manufactured outrage by misrepresenting facts.

Well we as scientifically literate people, who understand that the process of culling happens in nature just as well as in a zoo... although a zoo is at least humane..., will not stand by while ignorance drowns out the voice of logical thought and sullies the name of this intelligent, capable man who's dedicated more of his life to animal welfare than likely 99.95% of his detractors combined.

We support Bengt Holst's position at the Copenhagen Zoo, and we believe the experience and work of a scientific director deserve more respect than instant judgement from second hand information based on an emotional response that is not rooted in the realities of raising animals in zoos nor how the process of culling exists in the wild as well.

We want Bengt Holst to know that we support him and his dedication to science and objective reasoning in the age of fear-mongering, emotionally-distracting and misleading media, in which so few of our younger generation in Western Civilization still value scientific pursuits or knowledge.

We support you Bengt Holst. This sensationalism will pass as soon as the next viral story meant to tug on heart strings for web hits and ratings takes people's attention away.

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