Save Hoskerehalli Lake, Bengaluru!!!

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Hoskerehalli lake is situated in Banshankari Bengaluru, next to nice road. The lake is in extremely bad condition. The authorities begin the work of "cleaning the lake" and emptied the lake. But, the efforts were not up to the mark. They have also constructed a road right across the lake, which divides the lake and one side of which is completely dried up. The dried up side of the lake has many houses adjoining it. There is a TATA promont housing right next to the lake which used to be a Hanumagiri hill,now four huge apartments sit on it. The road across the lake looks to be the next step of expansion of housing. 

The Hoskerehalli lake used to have a stretch of forest including 2 hills inside it. Now on one of the hill sits the TATA promont. We still have time to save the rest of the forest. Hoaskerehalli lake is the only lake in Bengaluru which has a forest attached to it. It still has mangrooves, peacocks, kitestortoise, quails and 1000 of wildlife and rare medicinal plants still dwelling inside the green stretch next to Hoskerehalli Lake. We from Bengaluru GreenRoadies decided....Now it the time! Lets join Hands together to save Hoskerehalli Lake!!