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Bring Back ‘Mango Mango Sorbet’

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Earlier this year, I went to my local Ben & Jerry’s... and I asked where my favorite flavor, Mango Mango Sorbet, went. They said it is gone and most likely gone forever. Most likely. This is where the people come in. Despite my email I sent to them (which garnered no response), and the many people calling the flavor “not a real flavor,” or “the worst one,” we need the mango mango sorbet lovers to join together and bring this beloved flavor back!

For those of you who may not want, or don’t like Mango Mango Sorbet... Imagine if your favorite flavor, like vanilla, or chocolate cookie dough, was taken away from you. These are the feelings of many mango mango sorbet lovers around the world. This is something both liberals and conservatives can get behind: Mango Mango Sorbet.

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