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Australia wants non-dairy BEN & JERRY'S too!

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Today the internet has been abuzz with the news that Ben & Jerry's have released not just 1 but 4 (!) non-dairy flavours. There has been a major push and petitions for vegan friendly options by this ice-cream giant for years. They finally listened and are releasing 4 flavours : Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Coffee Caramel Fudge and Peanut Butter & Cookies (OMG!!)

Being dairy-free myself I got so excited and started sharing the news around after seeing it posted on social media by a vegan friend of mine in the US. Then I though "...wait a minute...I better check if this is going to come to Australia too. " So I jumped online and sent Ben & Jerry's a message on Facebook and received the following response within 2 hours:

"Hi Nadine, thanks for the support! Sadly, we don't have any news at the moment about non-dairy Ben & Jerry's being available in Australia - sorry! If we hear anything though, our amazing fans will be the first to know! Peace, Love & Ice Cream - The Ben & Jerry's Herd."

Now there may be several reasons why people in Australia want dairy-free Ben & Jerry's deliciousness : They may lead a vegan lifestyle, they may be lactose intolerant, they may simply choose not to have dairy or they may have medical restrictions and hence can't have it. Whatever the reason, NO HUMAN BEING should be excluded from having the utmost delicious ice-cream on earth! Especially not us Aussies, it's always hot here, we have ice-cream all year round!!


So I say lets do our own petition! Let's lobby and push and nag and annoy until we get non-dairy goodness in Australia made by the kings of ice-cream that is Ben & Jerry's. 

Sign the petition and share it around! It worked before it will work again!!


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