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Ben Berliner and Lindsey Sanford: Bring Carrie in for an interview


Mission aligned, she volunteered in Haiti with the Delaney Bay Fund to help lessen the country's dependency on foreign aid, and continues to perform community service for seniors, animals, and the hungry.

An end user diplomat, Carrie manages consumer complaints ranging from "this isn't magenta, this is fuchsia" to "when I click foo, I expect bar".

Environmentally conscious and organizationally adept, Carrie reduced managerial paper waste by 75 percent through consolidation of resources and advocacy of e-communication.

Versatile, she herds cats with grace, and plays ball with dogs. Additionally, Frisco wouldn't mind having his best friend around.

Letter to
Recruiter Lindsey Sanford
Recruiter Ben Berliner
Please get Carrie Schrupp through the recruiting door. She'd be an asset to the company in whichever capacity you decide — she just helped Frisco find a reportable bug.

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