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As a senior of color at Beloit College, I know all too well what it is like to experience racism on this campus.

This semester, the words "N*gger Die"were spray painted along a dorm building, out looking a common hang out spot; making the racism on this campus, for the first time, public and a concern. This is not the first public racist incident to occur this semester on campus [click here]. 

The administration and the president of Beloit College, Scott Bierman, have sent out multiple emails asking: "what can we do?" In these emails, the administration wants suggestions to help catch the perpetrators involved in all of these crimes and to prevent future ones. The Dean of Students, Christina Klawitter, has admitted that "[administration and security] have exhausted nearly all [their] leads and [they] aren't getting any new ones."

I suggested an incentive based solution in order to make the investigation ongoing, rather than stop. I proposed that we offer a reward incentive of $50-$100 to anyone who has any credible information about any of these racist hate crimes.

My suggestion was shut down after the dean of students consulted, to my dismay, only 8 students. To make matters worse, no alternative suggestion or solution was provided.

This petition is to garner support for my suggestion or to new credible suggestions in order to find out and expel students who commit such crimes.

It is also to show that people support the Beloit College administration in finding the perpetrators of these hate crimes and setting up infrastructure and policies to prevent crimes like these from happening in the future.

It only took 8 students to discredit my plausible suggestion and I am hoping that with more people, Beloit College administration sees the potential that my suggestion has for continuing on with this investigation. 

-Thank you, Tamanisha J John

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