Save Belmar Skatepark

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Please sign this petition to stop the demolition of The Belmar Skatepark! 

Skateboarding has exploded into one of the most popular sports in the United States, an estimated 12–million Americans own and ride skateboards, with more than a million new kids picking up the sport every year. Yet despite this phenomenal growth, there are too few skateparks nationwide where skaters can legally ride.

Our small town of Belmar was one of the first to embrace the recreational—and societal—benefits of having public skateboard park. The Belmar Skatepark is the most popular recreational facility in town—more popular and statistically safer than the basketball courts, baseball diamonds, and soccer fields.

The Belmar Skatepark is a vital part of our town. It is its own community composed of skaters from all over the Jersey Shore. We have given individuals a place to come together, embrace their talents, learn from one another, and do what they love the most. Why would the town ever try and take that away?

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