Nancy Larson and Jack McLeod are NOT above the law. Both illegal retire rehires.

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It doesn't take 4 School Board Supt.'s, 4 School Board Presidents and 9 years to DO THE RIGHT THING. The Bellevue School District owes Juan and I back wages for exposing nasty racism/ignorance and discrimination.

Nancy Larson has been illegally harassing workers for well over a decade. She should have been fired a long time ago, yet she remains an illegal retire rehire with Jack McLeod. She has been doing the annual review for her boss's kid, Kyle McLeod, for years. Wicked illegal. She lied under oath to a state judge, provided false statements to the EEOC through Ricardo Cruz (removed from the district), and slandered and defamed me to other school districts. Public records from her department have been illegally destroyed. These are all felonies, but nobody has prosecuted until now. I've offered mediation for over 8 years.

One of the wealthiest school districts in the country is paying way too many family and friends well over six figure salaries. Discrimination is not illegal, when all your family and friends will keep the status quo. Heck, even the Department of Education won't touch these folks. Get hired at the Bellevue WA School District, just be born or get married to one of their employees.



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