Bring Uber to Belleville, Ontario

Bring Uber to Belleville, Ontario

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Rob Mason started this petition to Belleville City Council/Mayor Mitch Panciuk and

*UPDATE*  May 28th, 2019

If you're not yet aware, as stated by the Intelligencer May 3rd, 2019 the city is currently preparing if Uber should decide to set up shop in Belleville. So what's the next step in calling Uber to the friendly city?

One of the simplest ways to increase the probability of Uber coming to your city is to download the Uber application, make an account, etc. It has been found true over time, that one major factor that decides whether or not Uber would consider starting its business in any new city is the number of sign-ups in such cities. So if you personally need Uber to come to your city, do your bit by signing up and telling your friends to tell their friends to do same.

Let’s take for example that a city where Uber isn’t available suddenly records thousands of Uber app downloads, a thousand signed up users and many attempted ride requests, there is a possibility that this will draw the attention of the folks at Uber. This may give Uber a push to start thinking about expanding their services in that city.

- Rob Mason 


Are you unsatisfied with our city's current taxi services? You're not alone. Do you want less wait times, more job opportunities and a cheaper cab fair? Sign the petition today and help raise awareness for Uber in Belleville!

In a comment stated by previous candidate Egerton Boyce he claims:

" Council never voted against bringing Uber into Belleville. I was on council. I totally support Uber coming here. I campaigned on it in October. I hope it comes. "

- Egerton Boyce 


Our goal is to with the help of this petition grab the public's attention and strongly urge Mayor Mitch Panciuk along with the rest of Belleville city council to consider the public's interest and to propose the idea of passing Uber Taxi in the city of Belleville in hopes of establishing a more accessible city.

All we ask for is a vote to be conducted with the public's interest in mind. Not the interests of Uber's competitors. 

I've talked to a numerous amount of our city's amazing citizens & local business owners and they too are greatly unsatisfied with our city's current standards for taxi services in the city of Belleville. They strongly believe there is room for major improvement. It's unacceptable. 


A gentleman & local bar owner by the name of Charles St. George states in a comment:

" I own a bar in Belleville and for the past 26 years people wait for hours to get a cab. It's a monopoly to run cab businesses in Belleville. Only 3 to 6 can operate while there are 600 people trying to get home. They need a competitor. The laws have changed for the past 20 plus years on drinking and driving but Belleville is still in this closed box. Let's get people out and home safe. Uber is a must NOW! "

-Charles St George


I will diligently keep pushing this cause until I am successful. Uber will be in the city of Belleville, it's only a matter of time.

- Rob Mason,

concerned citizen of Belleville


0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!