BELL, Rogers, Telus.. We want UNLIMITED data, Fair Pricing!

BELL, Rogers, Telus.. We want UNLIMITED data, Fair Pricing!

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Started by Chris Allan

For far to long families like mine have been hand cuffed by the need to stay connected and the struggle of balancing our wallets to do it. Long contracts,over priced phones ,extremely high cancellation fees, extreme overages, malicious plan pricing!

Some of that was taken care of by the CRTC rules change in 2013 but what hasn’t changed is my bill. 

Were a family of 4, we’ve been loyal customers with Telus going on almost 8yrs. We share a combined plan that allows me to travel to the USA and for a nominal fee I can use my plan, cool right. Sure.... but as I spend more time in the US and less in Canada and talk to others in my profession, Canada is losing money over the extremely limited structure of our phone plans. ALMOST if not every US cell phone company which theirs likely hundreds if you include all the small ones. Offer UNLIMITED data and for the most part UNLIMITED everything for less then $100 a month CDN... Why Iam I paying near $400 for 4 phones 2 which use 0 data and 12gb a month shared between 2 other phones? It sure In heck ain’t conversion.  

I know I can’t be alone and I’m not! Many US travelers buy US plans and pay US companies for this service. Such as Straight Talk, TracPhone or sometimes even Verizon. As a proud Canadian I want that money to stay in CANADA. I want Canadians to act like Canadians, not greedy money mongers. If it can be done there it can be done here and the first company that offers it gets my loyal business for life! - How about you? 



Sprint - “Sprint does not throttle customers on Unlimited Data plans. That being said, heavy data users (those who have used more than 50 GB in their current bill cycle) may experience slower data speeds during times or in places where the network is more congested.”

Offer 5 lines $24/mo UNLIMITED data,Talk,Text and IPhone XR free* They also offer bring your on phone. ( $31.98  CDN ) as of today Dec 7/18 - Price is per line $96 (USD) $127.91 (CDN) =4 Lines 

Google, Verizon, T-Mobile, ATT, BOOST for similar offers. 

What would 50GB cost you Canadian? $220 for 40GB (plan) + $150 in top ups to 50GB

or 80GB for $350 (plan) - Telus (Prices taken from official website

I built the closest thing Telus offers to this offer from Sprint 40GB data, (used do to speed slow down @ 50GB at times with Sprint) Apple XR phones x4, Canada US calling on one line, nationwide calling and text on the others. I choose payment plans on phone because if you cancel with Sprint you’ll be paying for those XR’s. 

Now that’s what I call mark up! Do these phones run differently, need different technology then our bordering brothers/sisters ? Did we not create the telephone? Why are we so far behind? Or are we just getting 



Sign let Big Telecom know that we want change. 

Simple Plans, Prices families can afford. 

*see sprints offer for details on free phone and limitations and contact lengths. 

7,128 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!