Release Retired Soldier From Probation For Suicide Attempt

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Friends, I am Billy J Stacy a retired Soldier with 14 years of Army service and two deployments overseas.  My first was to Afghanistan and the second to Iraq.  I had some mild incidents with crowd control and flying in Afghanistan that bothered me after the fact more than anything and I secluded upon arrival to Germany and of course started the drinking to worsen things. In 2009 I deployed to Iraq and was returned early for mental health issues and in 2011 was diagnosed with PTSD on top of my depression and anxiety.  I had recently been married for the third time and had my first child and my doctor was constantly adjusting my medications as well.  On top of all of this I will go ahead and admit to you that I do not handle stress very well.  I was very suicidal and I had recently had a surgery on my left ankle and been given percocet to help with the pain and I can remember taking these pills and washing them down with about a handful almost of my regular mental health meds and adding in over the counter sleeping medications.  I would sleep in a separate room from my wife and baby and sometimes I would tell her what I was doing and she had the mindset and would sometimes even say that she wished I would just hurry up and do it and get it over with.  I would wake up at night gasping for air sometimes so, the next night, I increased the dose a little more.  I made a choice on 10 May 2011 that the following day when I reported to the Warrior Transition Brigade at Fort Hood for treatment that I was going to ask to be placed in a treatment program for alcohol and substance abuse.  I consumed a beer and to this day, I am sober!!!!  Life at home being sober was not going well.  I was attending treatment but, the cocktail of medications were still affecting me greatly.  I did not know who I was at times and I was so angry and wanted to die all of the time and even tried many times but, at the same time I was scared so that held me back.  My former spouse had given up and is no angel as the courts portrayed her to be.  My chain of command would tell a different story but, the prosecutor did and expert job keeping my leaders out of the court.  I was asked by this lady to leave our home in August of 2011 so, my Company 1SG placed me in the barracks where I could have a safe place on the base.  On 5 September I became very depressed and enraged because I could not visit my son and I was extremely unstable so I overdosed on my medications and cut my wrist to the point where I had to be rushed to the hospital and almost died.  I was placed in 45 days of inpatient treatment for this incident shortly after for a dual diagnosis of PTSD and chemical/alcohol dependence.  I addressed some of the issues of personal traumas that had occurred and medications were reduced.  After the medications were reduced, I could think clearly and found that I did not want to die.  I was released at the end of October and my spouse wanted to try to communicate and work things out but that deteriorated quickly.    On 18 December 2011 I was in the living room with my former spouse and 2 year old son and we were arguing.  The argument was too much for me and I tried to mentally shut down but, she was saying things like "you are ghetto, you are a lesser than, you are white trash".  I had a meltdown and went to the garage and retrieved my chainsaw and placed it to my throat and verbalized intent to take my own life.  I immediately decided that this was not the way and walked out the front door and threw the chainsaw down and drove back to base to talk to my squad leader.  The police did arrive and they ended up talking to my squad leader on the phone and my former spouse even spoke to my squad leader on the phone and he asked her while the police were there "did he try to hurt you?" and obviously she said no so the police left the scene with no action and the next morning I went to see mental health and was hospitalized.  My former spouse made the comment that I did not try to hurt her to a social worker in my Brigade as well I was questioned as a suspect of an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon around the third week of January 2012 for this suicidal gesture.  I was honest and owned up to the details but, the other side was not.  A week later a warrant was issued for my arrest for this charge so, I turned myself in.  I arrived at the Killeen city jail on 25 January 2012 and was transported to the Bell County Jail the next morning.  The staff placed me on suicide watch in the infirmary in an isolated cell because of my mental health issues and my neighbor was the Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan.  They took away all clothing and gave me a smock so, it was very cold on top of that and there were no books or TV.  Going to court was a nightmare in this county because after retired Judge Joe Carroll made that Texas Chainsaw Massacre joke on the stand I knew that there would be no justice in this court and that no matter what logic and critical thinking I brought to the table, I was going to have to plead out to get out.  This petition can change that though.    There were absolutely no injuries or threats in my case which makes it so baffling.  I had to greatly humble myself to endure throughout this process and make it through.  I was represented by John P Galligan and still to this day do not understand how an attorney of his knowledge could not close a case like this.    I was released from Bell County Jail on 19 February 2013 after signing for 10 years of deferred adjudicated probation.  I was divorced shortly after from my spouse and agreed to terminate rights from my son.  I made this choice because the former Mrs feared me now and I did not want that so, I took a supervised visitation deal so that she could have peace in life.  As of today, I have not seen the baby boy for a while because at a hearing before leaving the Army it was noted that she was still uncomfortable with my presence so, I do not want to unsettle her in any way.  I try to keep my distance out of respect.  I have completed all of my conditions of probation and have worked hard to have my medications adjusted accordingly so that I am not attempting to take my own life.  My sobriety is going on 5 years and I am now medically retired attending college.  I am not petitioning to seek legal action or settlement against the courts.  My goal is for the Judge and prosecutor to forgive this case and to see that I have completed the terms of probation early so that I may be released early.  I want to be able to travel throughout the United States freely and not have to ask permission and to eventually be able to have this taken off my record in the future if I decide.  I am asking for signatures as of now though and nothing further.  Thank you for your time.      

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