Include rural Canadian internet customers in the COVID-19 overage relief program.

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Recently Rogers and Bell announced they would not be charging customers with home internet overage charges if they exceed their data limit due to the covid-19 pandemic.   Having 2 kids home from school and having to work from home I was excited and grateful to hear this news!  The extra internet being used from home right now has caused me to already reach my limit (many others in the same situation)  Living in rural Canada the high speed internet costs ( 100gb for $170) are much higher to begin with and overage charges can be crippling.  So again I was excited to hear the great news!!

After calling to confirm I was told that this new covid-19 relief policy DOES NOT include rural Canadians who have rocket hubs as their home internet!  The customers who pay the most are not getting any relief because our numbers are not as great?  It seems we are always overlooked and ignored!  I’m hoping we can be heard with this petition. 

Rogers and Bell need to be fair to ALL Canadians and include rocket hubs used for rural home internet in their no overage exemption while we all get through these trying times and the internet is a big part of that!  On behalf of myself and ALL rural Canadians Thank you for your support!