Make Wim Delvoye stop exploiting, hurting and using animals for his "art".

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The Belgian called "artist" Win Delvoye tortures and exploits living beings (pigs) as an excuse to do  "art". These pigs are sedated, tattooed , slaughtered , stuffed and sold. Pigs are very smart and gentle animals  with a very delicate skin so this practice (even using sedatives)  means  a lot of confusion, stress ,  pain and suffering to them  . Beautiful, kind and helpless animals that we all know are SENTIENT BEINGS.  Please , stop this cruel and shameless man from using and hurting  living beings for human amusement and entertainment. It's about time people in the world start showing some respect for other living sentient beings. Violence and cruelty is being normalized by this kind of practices and it has to stop now in order to break the cycle. We need that the younger generations are not raised with this kind of behaviours from our broken society. Animals are not toys, objects or comodities for US humans to use and exploit for our pleasure or needs. Millions of animals are killed already in our hands every year to satisfy our desires.  Exploitation, cruelty and torture are NOT art and will NEVER be. Please make him stop! I am addressing this petition to the Belgian authorities to ask them to look  into the matter and to stop this man. Also to ask them to  reinforce and tighten their  animal welfare laws and animal protection regulations as this is an perfect  example of what should NOT be legal or permitted in a modern , advanced ,  educated and ethical society. #banwimdelvoye