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Belfast is a city that pracitices Breed Specific Legislation.  Two years ago, they took a dog named Lennox away from his family.  Lennox had never bitten anyone or caused any problems.  He was issued a dog license.  He was ripped from his family because he looked like a Pit Bull.  After a long court battle, Lennox was euthanized.  Belfast needs to change their laws so this does not happen again.  Breed Specific Legislation is wrong.  Any dog can be dangerous in the wrong hands.    Belfast needs to realize that they will lose world support, starting today, for what they have done to Lennox.  I am starting this petition, to let the officials of Belfast know that we, the undersigned, will never visit Belfast, will discourage others from doing so, and will not support Belfast in any manner from this point onward.  

Letter to
Belfast City Council Belfast, Northern Ireland
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Belfast City Council Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Lose tourism dollars

We need to start somewhere to end Breed Specific Legislation, and the loss of tourism dollars will hit Belfast hard. Their treatment of Lennox and the Barnes family was inhumane, and quite simply unnecessary. I am starting this petition vowing to never visit Belfast, nor support this city in any way, for the rest of my life.


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